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All Walls and Ceilings Stories:

Star of the Ceiling
From Mason & Wolf: New wallpaper collection features designs of Christopher Dresser.
Picture This
From Graham & Brown: Frames wallpaper turns your wall into an art gallery.
Iguanas and Toucans and Yaks, Oh My!
From Enchanted Kingdoms: An animal alphabet for the walls
Square but cool
From Mio: Three-dimensional paper gives a designer look to plain walls.
Roll-on Beadboard
From Graham & Brown: Strippable wallpaper gives a beadboard look without carpentry.
Not your Grandma's Flocked Paper
From Graham & Brown: A flocked wallpaper with a surprising design element.
Wall Jewels
From Crossville Ceramics Company: Recycled glass tiles add a new dimension to walls.
The Seventies Redux
From Melinamade: A wallpaper pattern from the Seventies is revived.
The real deal
From TransMineral USA, Inc.: Real lime plaster for the handy homeowner.
Practically Victorian
From Wallpapers Plus: A modern day anaglypta dado panel that would do Victorians proud.
Clay Creations
From American Clay: Clay plaster gives a textured, all-natural wall coating.
Mine, Mushroom, Home
From Trestlewood: Salvaged wood emerges from coal mines as home siding and paneling.

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