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Lead paint test kit
From Klean-Strip: These lead paint test kits work quickly and they're EPA recognized.
Natural Inspiration
From Yolo Colorhouse: Inspired by the colors of nature, Yolo paint is user and house friendly.
Quick-drying wonder
From DAP Products, Inc.: This caulk dries quickly but stays flexible for decades.
Dutch Treat
From Fine Paints of Europe: A perfectly painted front door is made easy with this prep, paint and clean-up kit.
Weatherstripping in a Tube
From DAP Products, Inc.: Seal windows in winter, peel caulk away in summer.
Low on odor, high on performance
From DAP Products, Inc.: New silicone rubber sealants are low in VOCs.
Right Angles
From Maia Home Products, Inc.: A new type of paint brush helps with corners and mouldings.
Frogs aren't sticky, but Frog Tape is.
From Inspired Technologies, Inc.: Finally, a painter's tape that really does the job.
From Homestead House Paint Company: Beeswax makes a safe finish from nursery to kitchen.
Lightweight battery-powered caulk gun
From Black and Decker: Battery powered caulk gun eases wrist and hand strain.
Powdered Milk
From The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company: Modern powdered formula takes the guess work out of mixing a batch of authentic milk paint.
Smooth and Tough
From Benjamin Moore Paints: You may be able to skip the primer and use only one coat with this exterior paint.

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