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Hassle-free Pellet Burner
From Harman Stove Co.: Automated hot air furnace uses wood pellets to provide central heat.
Best of Both Worlds
From A.O. Smith: Hybrid design blends tankless and holding tank water heating systems.
Reclaimed Heat
From Radiator Booster: Device reclaims wasted hot air from behind radiators.
Old Faithful
From Honeywell International Inc.: A classic round mechanical thermostat for those who don't want to bother with programming.
One-Two Punch
From Rinnai: Twin heat exchangers mean high efficiency for this gas tankless water heater.
Modern Classic
From Lux Products Corporation: A classic thermostat gets modern lighting and goes mercury free.
Share the Heat
From Condar: Telescoping duct helps distribute heat from wood stove to other rooms.
A Demanding Situation
From Toyotomi: A tankless water heater that can use four different fuels.
Wall Space (Heater)
From Rinnai: A gas heater that mounts through the wall and is super efficient.
Program Your Portables
From Lux Products Corporation: A programmable outlet thermostat for portable heaters and air conditioners.
Smart Relationship
From Ecobee: Programmable thermostat uses a web portal to communicate with the homeowner.
Water When You Want It
From Rheem Manufacturing Company: Tankless heater provides hot water only when you want it.

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